Beauty hacks for biker girls

Motorbiking has always been scrutinized as a hazardous hobby to pursue, adding to that is the stereotype that women are not able to drive or they cannot drive. But today in the 21st century, we’re seeing how women can also live up to their dreams and passions related to Wayfaring to explore the world on their bottom. No doubt motoring is not an easier task to pursue, but when you decide to undertake that adventure, you need to care a lot about your beauty & health. I’d like to tell some beauty hacks for biker girls. Firstly, you need to know main about the riding accessories because if you use the wrong accessories you can be victimized of your health. Whenever you are on a ride and take off the helmet you might find yourself looking dull, but you really need to understand how you can preserve your beauty even when the dust and pollution on roads don’t treat you well . Eyes play a significant role under the helmet although we have so many cosmetic companies but most of them are not worth it because our skin is seldom sensitive and therefore we must make sure using the product should be as par the standards. Here’s the list that will tell you how you can make yourself charming, comfortable & healthier.

Sunscreen protection factor.

Sun protection is the most crucial outgrowth factor, if you do not put SPF it may cause you tanning, pigments and dark spots. There are possibilities you might get skin cancer too. Because ultraviolet radiation directly contacts with your skin and doesn’t matter if you do wear a helmet or not. After every two hours in your journey put a sunscreen. Definitely, SPF will protect to you face against skin problems. And lotus sunscreen is highly recommended by experts.

Buy makeup products from the appropriately brand.





Shahnaz Husain

Revlon India



Elle 18

Buy a preferable product for your face, skincare can be one of the most confusing things in life. While Google search may tell you lots of assumptions, your society recommends you that the products which they are using it. But they forget to ask about which kind of skin problems are you facing it. Even though most of the people don’t know about their skin, it’s s very important to know which kind of skin problems you are having. Because if you’ve oily skin don’t use a moisturizer rather look for a lotion instead of cream. Such as lactic glycolic and salicylic acid. But don’t forget, your surrounding climate impacts your skin too. Choose your moisturizer or lotion wisely before the makeup according to your skin. After the moisturizer or lotion put foundation of good company do use blunder over your face don’t use it your hand.

Eyes makeup should be smoky while riding.

Eyes portray very catchy apparatus on your face, while motorbiking the only organ visible on your face is the eyes, so you should use some smoky dark kind of shade.

Smoky eyes exude a sense of power, it signatures a fierce look on your face after you apply tour eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara (or whatever assortment of products you use to get the base for your smokey eye), you should apply a black gel eyeliner into your waterline on both the top and bottom. Putting eyeliner on your waterline is the best way to add some intensity to your smokey eyes and it honestly changes the whole look.

Create a rock cheek make up look rather than rosy.

Always put brownish makeup on your cheek it looks gorgeous and bold. Avoid red and pink shade because riding costume makes you look modest.

Lip make up defines your whole face.

Lip makeup is vital! It brings your whole face makeup together and offers a proper definition to your face. But lip makeup does not come in one shape, it fits all formats. We all have different type of lipsโ€”some of us are blessed with full lips while others have thin lips. Whether you have thin, even or full lips, makeup has the power to make you appear more beautiful and well accentuated.

If you’re sad to add more lipstick and attack.

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Top-heavy lips

Most of the girl have a top-sexy lips means, effective makeup trick makes your lip beautiful and no doubt sexy also.

Start by lining your lips from the center of your lips to the outside by following your natural lip shape and put dark & bright lip color.

Short lips look cute to lovely make a pout.

You can apply shimmery, frosty and glossy lipstick, do not apply dark lip color over your lips otherwise it looks not catchy.

Overlage lips

Overlage lips have the virtue to dominant the whole face, in this kind of lips you can put some softer lip color or try to a nude lip. And go attack with your eyes, eye makeup should be smoky-catchy.

Thin lips

Thin lips require more dimension and shape. Firstly, you need to draw a lip liner over your lips then put the dark color kind of shade don’t forget to do lip liner smudge.

Face highlighter

Highlighter is face makeup that attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height, hence that lit-from-within look. Celebs often use it in addition to contouring to lift and push features back, according to makeup artist Jenny Patinkin.

There are seven places on your face where you need to put highlight but always use brush instead of your finger or hand.

Highlighter keeps your face brighter and elegant too, there are various kinds of highlights for your face but choose according to your face color.

Do not apply golden or pink highlight if your skin color is brown. Instead, apply silver or copper, as it will look beautiful.